For the Little

This canvas with the CATS cheer was really simple. I painted my canvas royal blue and used stencils and a sponge brush with white paint for my letters.

For the squirrel canvas I found a simple squirrel outline on the Internet and a canvas from a craft store
1. Paint the canvas light pink then trace the squirrel on
2. Use a ruler to put dots one inch apart in length and space them the width of the ruler from top to bottom inside the squirrel
3. Connect the dots with a pencil and fill in the chevron free handed but it is probably easier to do this with painters tape.

I used stencils bought from Hobby Lobby to paint the AGD



DIY Painted Clutch

This was a cheap birthday present for one of my friends. We found this old silver clutch and thought it could make a great comeback.  All you will need is a paint brush, a paint color of your choice, a decent amount of Mod Podge and a piece of scrap paper.
1. Clean the clutch with a disinfectant wipe
2. Cute out the zig zag design from a piece of paper and tape it to the bag carefully. I made sure to line up all the points horizontally and vertically so it didn’t look too home made.
3. Paint your color between the lines of paper and don’t remove it until the paint is dry. Fill in or touch up any edges that need it
4. Cover all surface areas with multiple coats of Mod Podge. It will look white and pasty but if you smooth it out enough it will dry clear.


Tricks and Treats

A little late on the Halloween post but I just had to post a picture of my zombie boyfriend and my own bag of jelly beans creation. For the zombie, simply buy some worn out clothes from a local Goodwill and rip them to shreds. Then go roll around in the dirt. My bag of jelly beans was a dry cleaning bag filled with balloons so not that complicated at all!

DIY Initial Canvas

This is a really simple craft that my roommate and I did and it looks great in a dorm room. I bought an oval canvas, this black and white fabric, wooden initials and black ribbon at a local craft store. Just paint the initials whatever color you prefer and super glue them to the canvas after you have stapled the fabric onto it. I also stapled the ribbon to the back to make it easier to hang on my wall.