Meet Me!

Meet me! MaryKate!
I’m 5 feet and 10 inches of pure quirk and proud of it. 
I am a severe chocoholic with a touch of hilariousness, a lover of things home-made and an animal addict (especially dogs and jungle cats). 
I go to school in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky and am currently majoring in Education.
When I wake up in the morning I remember the dreams I had that night, which are usually suited for a mentally insane person. 
I have reoccurring dreams, ones that make me talk in my sleep, dreams that make me cry or laugh or fall out of bed.
And yes, I often dream of puppies and kittens.
I am a joker, a talker, an ugly crier, an athlete, a day dreamer, an animal lover, a Catholic. a lover, and a fighter.
I am just me 

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