For the Little

This canvas with the CATS cheer was really simple. I painted my canvas royal blue and used stencils and a sponge brush with white paint for my letters.

For the squirrel canvas I found a simple squirrel outline on the Internet and a canvas from a craft store
1. Paint the canvas light pink then trace the squirrel on
2. Use a ruler to put dots one inch apart in length and space them the width of the ruler from top to bottom inside the squirrel
3. Connect the dots with a pencil and fill in the chevron free handed but it is probably easier to do this with painters tape.

I used stencils bought from Hobby Lobby to paint the AGD




A Lot More Wall Decor

As you can see I’m loving the pink and blue color scheme these days. These three canvases are also credited to my big (love you!). I put these on my wall using the heavy duty velcro command strips. They are so great in a dorm room when you want to cover up those ugly white walls!